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Anatomy of an IoT Solution

Artificial intelligence relies on data. One of the leading ways to collect data these days is by using IoT SIM cards and the Internet of Things. IoT SIM cards are often used in a number of devices containing sensors of some sort, allowing us to automatically collect information that either was not collectable before or […]

a modern city scape at night from the air, with network lines superimposed on top.

Welcome to the IoT Revolution

IoT SIM cards (just like the ones you can buy from Luner) are powering a revolution. Machine-to-machine communication is becoming a global phenomenon, and cellular IoT connectivity is the next major opportunity for business growth. Every sector of the economy is exploring how they can use IoT SIM cards and integrate the connectivity that IoT […]

Luner Launches Technology Agnostic IoT Marketplace to Provide One-Stop-Shop for IoT Developers

Luner announces agreement with Sierra Wireless as the first Luner hardware partner San Francisco, USA, 20 April 2021 – Luner, the technology agnostic, self-service IoT connectivity platform for IoT developers and SMEs has today launched its IoT Marketplace, providing a complete one-stop-shop for developers looking to get their IoT projects off the ground. The Luner […]