Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.

M2M SIM cards

The Advantage with Luner

Our M2M SIM prices include everything you need, and our range includes each of the different SIM cards in wide use today, including embedded SIMs.

Luner’s M2M SIM prices get you your M2M SIMs of choice (of course), but alongside those SIMs you also get a highly advanced, secure, SIM OS, development documentation, and over-the-air provisioning services, all compliant to leading global standards. All of this means that you get full interoperability and easy integration with existing systems – again, all at low M2M SIM prices.

M2M SIMs and the Internet of Things are behind some of the most ground-breaking solutions of the 21st century, but that alone doesn’t tell the whole story. Luner understands machine-to-machine, hardware development and managed connectivity, We’re working to meet the changing needs of different sectors, while making M2M as accessible as possible to anyone that wants it via our low M2M SIM prices – and of course, also keeping data security at the heart of all we do.

The Correct Plan for You

Why do you Need M2M?

In a world where anything can talk to everything, M2M keeps the conversation going continuously. In fact, knowing this helped us form part of the rationale behind our low M2M SIM prices – quite simply, the less you have to pay for equipment, the more communicating (via cellular IoT data) you can do. This data and communication is why all this technology exists in the first place – and devices will always be delivering data because machines don’t clock off. With M2M technology you can manage properties in Europe from your headquarters in Dubai, or turn on a streetlight in Germany from your office in New York. You can do it all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and with Luner’s low M2M SIM prices, you can afford to do more of it too!

M2M is rapidly changing the consumer experience too… Whether you need to  manage resources and data across Retail, Healthcare, Energy, Transport and much more, Luner is here to help you – as again, our adaptable M2M SIMs and affordable M2M SIM prices offer the perfect combination for businesses of all sizes. Not only will we not lock you into a contract like other providers might (so you can change your data plan every month if you need to), but our expertise also means that devices stay connected and business can move forward.

M2M Prices

Why is staying connected important?

That’s easy – because smart devices need a connection in order to send information and alerts to their owners and operators. They do this by using a SIM card just like the one in your phone, but as you’ve probably experienced yourself, your phone can sometimes lose signal.

Just imagine if this happened to a critical application, such as tracking a high-value asset, or monitoring the temperature in a climate-controlled room… It could be a nightmare for a business, as if a device loses its connection, you lose any data that would have been collected during the ‘no signal’ period. Robust M2M solutions demand great connectivity, delivering data to the right destination at the right time, so you can make the right decisions.

Thankfully, here again Luner has you covered.  As you might expect we know the importance and value of a strong connection, and so we’ve made sure that our low M2M SIM prices don’t impact your ability to actually receive all of that awesome data. That’s why – no matter what price plan or amount of data that you choose, our SIMs automatically search for the strongest signal they can find – both at home in the UK, and if you choose one of our international plans, abroad too!


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.