Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.

M2M SIM cards

The Advantages of PAYG

With such an option it is possible to keep on top of M2M SIM prices by only paying for the data that is being used. Much like how when mobile phones were introduced, most people had a Pay As You Go SIM card which they topped up as and when needed. Nowadays most people are on a monthly paid contract to cover the hardware (read mobile phone) cost, but the PAYG option was then very attractive.

Such PAYG plans are now popular in order to keep M2M SIM prices lowest for those who may only need to use the SIM card intermittently or who are in the development stage and do not want to opt for a full-blown plan until they are past this and know their true requirements.

Developers do not want to opt for monthly costs if they are not even sure if their project is going to make it past a certain point in development. Therefore, opting for low committal, controllable M2M SIM prices gives them the flexibility to pause or even abandon their projects if required without the need to waste costs.

Control is one of the key requirements when it comes to M2M SIM prices. Nobody wants to end up with their costs sky high and being served crippling invoices that could cause their projects to be delayed. On top of this developers may also find themselves bound into contracts with their connectivity providers, forcing them to pay these M2M SIM prices regardless of whether or not they are too high.

Pay As You Go

Why You Should Choose a Luner PAYG Plan:

Luner’s Pay As You Go data plans are designed to keep M2M SIM prices down, with costs starting as little as £0.01 per MB, and with a line rental fee of only £1 per month. The plan will give you the cheapest M2M SIM prices with the maximum amount of control over your data and your spend!

An added bonus of opting for a PAYG data plan is that you’re not paying for any data that you’re not using, a real help to curb potentially spiralling M2M SIM prices.

Even better, with Luner there is no contract lock-in or commitments, so if you’ve decided that the IoT project that you have been working on just isn’t going to make it off the ground (quite literally for some ariel applications!), you’re off on holiday or simply need to take an unplanned break, then you always have the option to suspend your IoT SIMs. Not only will you be saving yourself the time on the project, but you will also be avoiding unnecessary M2M SIM prices. Because there is no contract, there is no need to carry on paying for your connectivity.

M2M Prices

The Best Choice for Small-Scale Operations

The PAYG plan is ideal for smaller enterprises or individual developers, particularly if you are unsure of how much you may want to scale up, as it gives the option of adding more IoT SIM cards to the plan when needed. The perfect option for scaling up your IoT technology whilst keeping your M2M SIM prices down.

So, whether you need one IoT SIM or one thousand, get started with Luner today.


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.