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Work Worldwide With Luner

Global Connectivity Means Global Functionality

Our most connected SIM is the Global plan which provides access to three hundred and fifty-two networks, yes that many networks from just one card! This powerful IoT SIM will make sure that you’re connected in every corner of the world.

If this is a little too much for your coverage requirements, then Luner offer an IoT SIM that connects to one hundred and thirty-seven networks across the US and EU. Alternatively, for those whose projects are based solely in the US or UK, there are the US Multi SIM or the UK Multi SIM plans.


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.

Always a Strong, Impartial Signal

A Connection You Can Count On

Additionally, with Luner you can feel safe in the knowledge that your IoT tech and SIMs are going to achieve the best possible connectivity. That is because they are all a roaming IoT SIM and they will select the strongest network based on the signal strength. So, if O2 is stronger than, say, Vodaphone, it is O2 that the SIM will connect to.

And even better, all Luner SIMs are non-steered as it is our primary objective to ensure that you get the best chance of a strong connection. A non-steered IoT SIM is a superior option for M2M applications as it means that the IoT SIM card will not default to a single network.

With continuing advancements of the LTE networks and demand for IoT products and projects, the demand for Internet-of-things-enabled SIM cards is set to soar. Popular industries adopting such technology and requiring cellular connectivity via an IoT SIM include automotive, manufacturing and smart cities, to name but a few.

Where All of this could lead:

Connected Cars...

Within the automotive world the phrase on everybody’s lips right now is ‘connected car’. With the likes of Tesla pushing advancements it’s easy to see why this is an industry that is set to drive the need for cellular connectivity.

An IoT SIM within a vehicle can allow for a wide range of features in the realms of navigation, vehicle telematics, entertainment and safety. One of the great benefits about using a SIM within an automotive IoT project is that it is able to maintain its connectivity despite the car being in motion. Even if the car is travelling through multiple countries, if the SIM is on the right plan then it will continue to connect to the strongest networks throughout its journey.

...Or the settlements of the future

Smart Cities

The use for an IoT SIM within the smart city is vast! By utilising the pre-existing LTE networks and cellular infrastructure cities can implement applications such as building management, security and alarms, street lighting and parking management.

Whereas manufacturers are adopting the Internet of Things SIM card and cellular connectivity to make their industrial processes smarter. Now, for example, they are connecting robotics and utilising IoT devices to maintain the performance of their machinery.

With the world of IoT booming...

Where will your IoT SIM card take you?

Find out today by contacting the M2M and IoT SIM experts at Luner, and finding out what IoT technology can help you accomplish!


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.