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A REAL All-Rounder

Versatility AND Capability

Our IoT SIM can fit any budget for any project. We are able to comfortably look after both lone developers using only one SIM card or larger enterprises who are looking to take on a larger number.

Users can select between either a Pay As You Go or Enterprise data plan. Pay as you go is the cheapest option and does exactly what it says on the tin. Customers will only ever pay for what they use and have full control over changing their data use or adding an extra SIM (or three, or four…or fifty, you get the idea).

Luner’s Enterprise data plan is ideal for those looking to run a larger scale IoT implementation. If you thought the Pay As You Go data plan was flexible then you should check this out! There are no contracts involved and users are able to upgrade or downscale their IoT SIM data usage on a month by month basis. That’s not to mention the larger data pools and network options that are available on the plan.

Network coverage on our IoT SIM is out of this world. In fact, we work on over 350 networks in five coverage regions, giving users access to unparalleled connectivity across the globe. Wherever you are, we’re sure to be able to get you and your IoT SIM connected!


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.

Flexibility, Functionality & Freedom

As Much Control As You Want to Have...

Control and manage the IoT SIM with ease through the Luner platform. Self-management and self-onboarding are made possible through the simple yet intuitive interface. SIM deployment and connectivity is easily managed through this interface and the Luner API.

The Luner API allows for connectivity to be easily integrated into our customers platforms and also enables them to build their own system to manage their SIM fleet. New APIs are always being developed and we are happy to receive requests in order to make SIMs even more adaptive.

And If Something Does Go Wrong?

Security & DAta Recovery Features

If users experience any IoT SIM issues, then it is recommended that they reboot the SIM through the API. However, it may be that some devices may not want to recover from a SIM reboot so this feature should be tested within development first. Sending a message of up to 160 characters to the IoT SIM is also possible through the API.

All of the data from the SIM is available at the click of a button through the Luner platform, including up to date location data, allowing for constant and instant tracking of all IoT devices. Every IoT SIM also has end-to-end, telco-grade security, meaning that we are capable of always keeping our users’ data secure.

Getting The Right Support For Your Your IoT Setup

Why a Good IoT Provider is Important

With the IoT market looking set to explode in the number of connected devices, it’s now more important than ever for companies to provide user friendly solutions that are designed to get projects up and running as quickly and effortlessly as possible. It is fair to say that the potential for cellular IoT connectivity IoT SIM cards is vast and that uptake is going to increase exponentially over the coming years.

Ready TO Make The Jump to IoT Tech?

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Whatever your project or IoT SIM requirements, you can rest assured that Luner can work for you. 


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.