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The Evolution of Cellular SIM Technology

The Capabilities of M2M and IoT SIM Cards are Amazing

If you’re looking to buy M2M SIMs on a singular network, then we can do that for you. Want to ramp up your network coverage to cater for a wider geographical area? Not a problem! A Luner SIM will operate across the world. To keep things straight forward, we’ve marked out five specific areas of coverage, so that you can buy M2M SIMs for your location and your project.

This means having the ability to buy M2M SIMs that can connect to networks over six different continents, through over three hundred and fifty network providers. From the Aland Islands to Zambia, there aren’t many places in the world that Luner can’t get you connected!


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.

Luner's Price Promise

The Best Deal, Every Time

We work hard to find the best prices for you so that when you buy M2M SIMs from us you can be sure that you’re getting the very best deal. Our data plans are very flexible, and all of our users have complete control over their data limits and spend, in addition to unlimited access to their data usage records. Our customers will only ever pay for the data that they use, giving them more control over their connectivity spend.

Get The Ball Rolling Quicker...

Fast Delivery of SIM Cards Worldwide

At Luner we pride ourselves on having a very flexible approach to helping our customers create their products. Our users are able to autonomously buy M2M SIMs directly from the Luner website, and with shipments from one of our six global offices there is minimal wait for the IoT SIM cards to be delivered. We go to lengths to ensure that your connection is as instant as possible.

Putting Key Info At Your Fingertips

Our Intuitive User Dashboard

The Luner platform has been developed with one thing in mind; making your life as easy as possible with a space for you to view your account details and project activity once you buy M2M SIMs. It has been purpose built for smooth and painless project management.

Not Sure How Much Data You Need?

Flexible Data Plans Keep You In Control

Because we also want to give you as much control over your spend as possible you can buy M2M SIMs on either a Pay As You Go basis or within a post-paid Enterprise plan. Either purchase your data before you use it to stop overspend or control your data usage on a month by month basis. One of the best things when you buy M2M SIMs from Luner is that you won’t get tied into any contract of sorts and will have the flexibility to adjust your payment and usage plans quickly and easily.

Create, Manage, Expand

Do It All Easily, With Luner!

Looking to expand your IoT SIM fleet further and buy M2M SIMs to add to your fleet? Luckily for you expansion is another thing that we’ve made as easy as possible. Feel free to add as many IoT SIMs as you need, we’re there to support both you and them.

When you’re looking to buy M2M SIMs you want everything to be as easy as possible. You don’t want to have to search all around a website or contact a representative exclusively for prices. Luner are completely upfront about our pricing and all of our coverage costs can be found directly on our website. We want to get rid of the faffing and get on with connecting you and your IoT projects.

With IoT technology creating one of the most dynamic spaces in the world, we at Luner believe that you should have the same options when you buy M2M SIMs. Why shouldn’t your connectivity be as flexible as everything else?


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.