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Why Get Started With Luner?

Luner is the place to launch your IoT project. We exist to help you to realise your potential to launch the next best IoT technology. We pride ourselves on being extremely user friendly and have designed our business with self-service at the forefront of our minds. Once you come to Luner and buy M2M SIMs you are able to get quickly up and running with your IoT connectivity in a way that is designed to suit you.

All website visitors are able to create a user account where they will then be able to input their details and have immediate access to buy M2M SIMs via a debit or credit card transaction. Our IoT SIM cards will then be shipped out from one of six global locations, ensuring that you never have to wait too long for your delivery and helping to get you connected as quickly as possible.


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.

Our User Platform

Keep Full Control & Access Easily

When you buy M2M SIMs from us it doesn’t simply stop there! Our intuitive user platform allows the user to access and control their IoT SIM cards with ease. Our customers have the freedom to change the amount of data that they are going to use from month to month on our Enterprise plan. Alternatively, they can top up as little or as much as they like on the Luner Pay As You Go plan after they buy M2M SIMs.

And there's more!

Effortless Integration

With Luner all of our customers have full access to a suite of APIs so that after customers buy M2M SIMs from us they are then able to integrate our service directly into their own software or application. We want our communication to integrate as easily as possible with your IoT project or application so why make things harder for yourselves?

Offering Freedom and Flexibility

Luner's Ultra-Adaptable Data Plans

One thing that you don’t have to worry about when you buy M2M SIMs from Luner is any kind of lock-in or contract. With us, you are free to come and go as you please. We think that the world of IoT and connectivity should be a liberating place and understand that there will be times that you don’t need to be tied into something. We don’t want anything to put you off of getting started and getting connected when it comes to buy M2M SIMs.

Is Your project mobile or roaming?

Luner offers Worldwide Connectivity and Coverage

So where can we connect you? Well, let’s just say that with over three hundred and fifty global network options, you’re going to find it hard to find a place in the world that we won’t be able to. Once you buy M2M SIMs from Luner you are able to access almost every country in the world, across six continents. This is also great news for customers who are looking for roaming IoT SIM cards or those in industries such as vehicle tracking that may need to switch their coverage networks across multiple countries. Luner IoT SIM cards can provide you with unparalleled coverage.

We want to make the world of IoT as simple as possible for users and developers. Why shouldn’t everyone have the potential to create something really amazing in a little amount of time, without it costing them an arm and a leg? Now all you have to do is ask “what is stopping me from going to Luner to buy M2M SIMs?


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.