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M2M SIM Connectivity

What Are Your Options?

Of course, you’ll have found out that there are a number of options for connecting your IoT devices, namely Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which you were probably very familiar with before anyway. These are also connectivity options that don’t require you to buy M2M SIMs.

With LoRaWan or cellular connectivity, both options will require you to buy M2M SIMs. Cellular IoT connectivity is very similar to the connectivity that you get from your mobile telephone, only don’t go transferring your SIM card from your phone into your device just yet! An IoT SIM is designed specifically for IoT applications and devices and will provide you with a much better service overall, and although it works on the same networks as your phone, it will give you a much better coverage plan and options.

Even though it may be tempting to try out your phone SIM card, we highly advise to specifically buy M2M SIMs for your devices as they have been built to support IoT technology.


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.

Local Or Worldwide? You Decide!

Choose Your Coverage Area

Another great option when you buy M2M SIMs is that you get to choose how much coverage you want. There is, quite literally, a world of possibilities. You can connect your devices to specific areas, such as on a global scale or solely within the UK or US. At Luner we have links to over three hundred and fifty network providers across the world, so we can get you connected practically anywhere.

PAYG or Contract - It's Up To You!

Choose a Payment Plan to Suit You

The next thing to consider when you are looking to buy M2M SIMs is what kind of payment plan you would like to have. This will mainly be down to whether you are looking to buy M2M SIMs on a large or small scale. For those of you who may just need one or two IoT SIM cards it’s ideal to purchase them on a Pay as You Go plan. This way you can top up credit whenever you need to, at a cost that suits your pocket.

Luner Won't Lock You in to a Long-term Deal

Freedom, Even on a Contract

With the Luner Enterprise plan you are able to scale up and scale down your usage on a monthly, post-pay basis. Enterprise plans are most commonly better for larger projects or businesses who are looking to deploy multiple IoT SIMs. So, let’s hope that your projects a great success and this is exactly what you’ve been looking for in your search to buy M2M SIMs!

All of This Means Superior Scalability

Our Plans Can Adapt as Your Business Grows!

Rest assured that it doesn’t matter what plan you’re looking at getting started on though. If you buy M2M SIMs on a Pay as You Go plan and see your usage increasing in a way that makes the Enterprise plan look more attractive, then we’re happy to get you swapped over.

With Luner we will never lock you in to a contract. We give you the freedom and flexibility to use and buy M2M SIMs in a way that suits you. If you’ve found that your project is taking off and you need to increase the amount of M2M SIM cards in your fleet, then be safe in the knowledge that with Luner you can do that.

We know that the whole process around trying to buy M2M SIMs can be a bit of a tricky one. That’s why Luner is here for you. Climb aboard and watch your IoT project take off.


Stay connected with the latest news and updates on our development.