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Luner provides some of the best multi-network IoT/M2M coverage available. With over 185 countries and over 600 networks at your fingertips, we are equipped to deliver connectivity to the whole planet. Whether you’re looking for Utility Monitoring, Asset Tracking or Hobby Development our platform fits all shapes and sizes. Speak to us today about your product.

In addition to global multi-network IoT/M2M SIMs, Luner can offer you native single network SIMs with full platform integration and cheaper rates for smaller-scale operations. If this suits your needs contact us below and speak to our sales team today.

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Our coverage is out of this world

Coverage plans built for growth

Luner has plans and pricing for IoT and M2M projects of all shapes and sizes. Our single network plans offer cost-effective pricing for initial development in one country. When your project starts to scale, instantly switch to a regional or global coverage plan on any of your SIMs.

Our customized plans offer all of our customers the ability to flexibly scale up and scale down on demand.

Looking for an enterprise solution? As well as offering PAYG pricing we offer discounted monthly plans for customers who are already operating at scale. Enquire about large-scale rates and minimum usage conditions below.

PAYG pricing

UK single

$0.05 per MB

UK Multi

$0.10 per MB


$0.25 per MB

US Multi

$0.10 per MB


$0.50 per MB

For specifics on coverage please contact our sales team.

*In addition to PerMB data $1.50 line rental is charged per month per active SIM. Pricing also available in GBP and EUR.

Manage your connectivity with ease

The Luner IoT Platform

Our Luner IoT platform is built for deployments of any size. Manage connectivity for one or 1000+ SIMs in the same place with multiple pricing plans & coverage options. With IoT/M2M Data plans currently supported we have Voice and SMS scheduled for launch shortly after Q2 2020.

With an ever-growing list of features the Luner IoT connectivity platform is the definitive platform of choice for any type of IoT deployment with a connectivity requirement. Get Live CDRs, Instant Data Session Details, Device location and manage remote access with our VPN service.

Register your interest below to get instant first access to our platform*. Our online SIM store will soon be available for you to purchase online and get started straight away.

*Early access to the platform is available for customers with active deployments.

SIM Management

Manage multi network luner SIMs

Data Analytics

Real time data and analytics

Remote tracking

Track and locate your devices

About Luner

What is Luner?

Luner is here to help IoT developers & applications push boundaries and drive forward innovation with easy to use connectivity and tools. Our launch schedule starts with connectivity but we won't be stopping there. Our relationships with hardware partners across the planet will provide approved device IoT Marketplace mid-late 2020. We are embarking on our greatest mission yet to bring your data into the Luner platform, giving you access to connectivity and device data all under one roof!

Don’t miss out - check in with us regularly to find out how far we have come, and if you want early access to our platform just contact us below with your usecase.

Luner Launch Schedule

Luner in 2020

Luner Launch



Q1 MAR 2020

IoT Marketplace

Q3 2020

Device Management

Q4 2020

More to come


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